Патч Metro: Last Light [Update 9] (

Патч Metro: Last Light [Update 9] (

Патч кумулятивный и содержит также дополнение «Developer’s Pack»

A patch has been released on Steam to fix issues with AMD hardware, and improve performance for these cards. It’s live now, but might take a few minutes to reach everyone. Restart your client or verify local files if it doesn’t download automatically.

It also fixes a shadow visual corruption bug on AMD 7xxx cards, and fixes an issue with the game starting only in 3:1 resolution on some TVs.

In addition, you can now customize the FOV this way:

After starting the game up, the user.cfg will be updated with the r_base_fox attribute. You can find this in %LOCALAPPDATA%4A GamesMetro LL. Tweak it at your leisure!

Metro Last Light Update 3 changelog:

* Fix of framerate drops with Logitech software installed
* Minor bug fixes

* Fixed stuttering issues.
* Fixed Czech localization problems.

— Добавлена поддержка Faction Pack

-we’ve fixed framerate drops with tesselation set to very high;
-added hint and shortvut for DLC missions menu;
-added difficulty menu on start of DLC missions.

— Unknown

— Unknown

— This update just enables compatibility for the new Tower Pack DLC

— Unknown

— Compatibility for the Developer’s Pack DLC

Патч Metro: Last Light [Update 9] ( (скачать)847.29Mb

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